Brief: Chanel launches “Les Perles de Chanel” in Paris




In January, inspired by the iconic Mademoiselle Chanel’s love of pearls, Chanel launched its latest collection of high-end jewelry during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. The 87-piece collection, titled “Les Perles de Chanel,” combines accents of diamonds and colored gemstones to showcase their exquisite pearls. The pearls range from large lustrous South Sea cultured pearls to freshwater pastels. Each piece is reminiscent of Coco Chanel and her unique style. Classic Coco motifs such as lions, feathers, and knots have been recreated into surprising new designs. “Les Perles de Chanel” will be on exhibit in Paris through Feb. 12, after which it will travel to Asia, and then back to Europe. The collection will be available in Chanel boutiques in November 2014.

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February 12, 2014